Halloween on ice!

Scrolling on our Facebook Feed we spotted some very nice photos taken during the Halloween on ice parties at some of the ice skating rinks that we built. We are more than happy to see people gathering for special events on the ice rinks and have lots of fun with their family and friends! This is one of the main reasons why we enjoy so much what we do! At the ice rinks that we also own, we are trying to organize the best parties and to offer the free entrance to the customers that have a Halloween constume: after all this is the best thing about a Halloween on ice party, right? Plus, everyone could use a free entrance and we are more than happy the see the ice surface full of people. No matter if you are a fan of the Halloween holiday or not, and no matter the region where you are from, a little costume party is always fun.

So here are some pictures that we wanted to share with you from some of the ice rinks in Romania and Thailand! Where do you think are next project should be?

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Your Ice Business Team

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