Future Park ice rink – Thailand

Future Park ice rink is a permanent ice rink project delivered by Ice Business in Asia at the end of 2015. Zpell at Future Park Rangsit is a new extension of the existent shopping mall and is placed right in front of the 20 year old Future Park Rangsit building. It was opened under the tagline “Never regular – Because life is never regular” and it was built to serve the urban lifestyle of the area focusing on sport facilities like ice rink, ski park or football pitch. Another attractive area is the “Blossom Garden” which is an indoor park designed to substitute the lack of green spaces in the city which incorporates also a giant interactive digital wall to capture the interest of the youngsters.

The combined retail space of 600.000 sqm makes Future Park Rangsit and Zspell venture the largest shopping venue in Thailand, the second largest being the Siam Paragon with 500.000 sqm.

The Future Park ice rink is a permanent one which will run all year round and has a size of 800 sqm. This size would normally fit a maximum of around 260 – 270 persons on the ice surface and it is perfect for ice skating training or recreational skating, attracting traffic to mall and increasing the leisure and entertainment atmosphere. The ice skating rink is placed at the ground floor, the 1st floor having an all round view of the surface.

The pipes were installed in concrete after insulating the surface, and for this ice rink we used a public skating transparent dasher board considering the recreational purpose of the rink. We also delivered our signature blue rentalĀ ice skates and bobbys, together with a brand new Engo ice resurfacing machine.

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