How the Kuwait Winter Games came to life

How the Kuwait Winter Games came to life

How the Kuwait Winter Games came to life

On December 2, 2018, we said yes to a project that was going to mark one of the key-points in our business and the Kuwait winter games forever.

It was that day that an ice hockey club in Kuwait contacted us to build a hockey rink with an arena. They would now be the first ice hockey club that owns its own ice rink.

The request came after the ice hockey rink in Kuwait had been demolished.

We said yes to the challenge. 13 months of hard work followed. We made preparations for covering an area of 1450 square meters with ice. It took a lot of determination, long days or dedication, focus and precision. Along with the ice rink, we have provided the accessories, as well – the BMS system, the ice hockey lining paint, the equipment, the rental skates and the textile logo.

On January 30 of this year, Kuwait Winter Games came to life.

One particular aspect that warmed our hearts during the development of this beautiful and

difficult project, was that the ice skating rink would be open to female ice hockey teams. Here we are, in a world and a culture that traditionally places the woman almost always to the side when it comes to the most important circumstances - political, social, cultural, religious – rolling the red carpet, or the glimmery ice, in our case, for the Arab women! They will practice, train and participate in a sport that has almost exclusively belonged to men until not that long ago!

At the moment, Kuwait has several ice hockey women’s teams (short KWHL):

  • Kuwait Blue Waves
  • Kuwait Diamonds
  • Kuwait Wildcats
  • Kuwait Gladiators

We bet you didn’t see the last one coming!

Men aren’t less inventive when it comes to naming their teams, either:

  • Kuwait Warriors
  • Kuwait Mooseheads
  • Kuwait Falcons
  • Kuwait Stars

The 2019 – 2020 Kuwait Ice hockey season has begun on February 1st, with The Arab Professional Club Championship being hosted on the very ice rink we built!

The rink is approved by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and will host many games and tournaments in the future.

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