How to build an ice rink

This blog post will be mainly concentrated on one of the most often received questions from our new clients: “How to build an ice rink?”. We will first take a deeper look on the equipment needed to build a permanent ice rink and a second blog post will cover the construction phases. Continue reading

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Olympic ice rink size

We receive inquiries for permanent ice skating rinks and mobile ice rinks on a daily basis, and very often we notice that the dimention variety of the ice rinks is not familiar to our prospects, especially when it comes to the Olympic ice rink size; we thought it would be helpful to write a short blog post with a few important points regarding this aspect. Continue reading

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How to start a skating rink business

In our day to day work we interact most of the times with investors that are interested in building an ice skating rink or that want to enter the ice skating rink business. As an ice rink constructor with more than 25 years experience we have a resourceful insight regarding how to start a skating rink business. Plus, we possess our own ice rinks which we manage: every year in Berlin we operate our ice rink during the winter season and  Continue reading

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Summer promotions for selected ice products!

Summer is still here but our passion for permanent ice rinks does not stop! This is why we thought about our customers and wanted to organize a promotion for a part of our ice products range. We have decided to stop over the skate sharpening machine range and the electric edger, since these are products that every ice arena or permanent ice rink should have.  Continue reading

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Ice rink projects – References

Ice Business is building permanent ice rinks worldwide since many years, and we have a great number of international ice rink projects. References and testimonials are one of the last project management phases, and it is one of our favorite as well, you can all guess why. 🙂 Below you can read a few of the references that we received after the completion of some of our projects: Continue reading

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Why you should buy an ice rink

Buying an ice rink requires a budget that most of the times exceeds the expectations of the investors, but this should not be an impediment to go further with the project. Sometimes it helps more to look at the big picture and to buy an ice rink is not a short term process: neither as planning and construction nor as running and managing. But there are several reasons why this is an important and at the same time profitable initiative. Continue reading

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Ice Business at IAKS 2015

The name IAKS comes from the International Organization for Sports and Leisure Facilities and is a non-profit organization devoted to sports buildings and leisure centers. The IAKS was founded in Cologne in 1965 and has about 1.000 members in 110 countries splitted in the following 7 sections: Germany, Japan, Latin America/Caribbean, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and Spain. Continue reading

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Changeover of the ice in 48 hours

Ali Bin Hamad al Attiya Arena in Doha, Qatar is a Multifunctional Sports Hall that provides 8.524 seats and was built for the World Men Handball Championship that will take place this year. The total footprint is 16.000 m² and the build up area around 54.000 m². Ice Business built the piping system of the ice rink and the concrete on which both the ice rink and sport surfaces are assembled for the special events. Plus, we delivered 2 brand new Zamboni machines which do a perfect job at the resurfacing process of the ice. The details when it comes to ice making are really important, and quality products show their value after use. This is exactly the case with the ice paints that we use in the last stage of the ice marking process: a brilliant white surface with bright ice hockey lining colors. The paints are directly brought from Canada, country with tradition when it comes to ice hockey, and are one of the best in the category.

The multipurpose arena can sustain sports like Handball, Basketball, Badminton, Gymnastics and Volleyball, and with Ice Business as a partner the surface can be changed into an ice rink in less than 48 hours, everything in accordance with the IIHF regulations. The same amount of time is needed also for transforming the ice arena back into a sports hall.

There are of course other solutions that can be provided to change the surface of a multifunctional arena, like ice covering systems that do not require the melting process of the ice. It takes less time and less energy consumption, but the ice layer will remain under the volleyball or basketball courts. It all depends on the situation and desires of the customers.

Below you can also find some pictures taken during the ice melting and ice making processes plus some from the Jet Ice painting works.

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Ice Business at “DEAL 2015” in Dubai

This year we will be part of the “DEAL 2015” exhibition in Dubai. It is a pleasure for us to attend this event considering that it gathers the best out of the entertainment, amusement and leisure industries, and we try to make it there almost every year. The exhibition will take place between the 14th and 16th of April 2015 at the “Sheik Saeed Hall 1 & The Arena”, Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE and the stand of Ice Business is C9. Our CEO Continue reading

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Mobile ice rinks Q and A

One of the best ways to inform your customers before stating a project is completing your quotation with a questions & answers document and for this case: a mobile ice rinks Q and A. It is a lot easier to clarify some basic and important things based on such a form and it can very often destroy some myths around the theme. Here are some examples: Continue reading

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