Ice rink project – before and after

Our main activity at the company Ice Business is to build ice rinks worldwide and to inspire passion and confidence to our customers that live in different parts of the world. Because of that we thought that it might be a good idea to have a more visual encouragement in a “before and after” ice rink project format for the people that would like to build an ice rink but that are not 100% decided yet. The pictures were taken on our working sites at the beginning of the construction phase and at the end when the ice rinks were completely functional. We know that the technology might seem a little complicated or that it might be a bit discouraging considering the amount of work, but it all looks fun in the end, doesn´t it? And this is why we are here: we have the experience and knowledge to make all of this happen and support our customers along the way. Actually, it is even better than this: let us do the work and enjoy the final results!

In case you are interested in receiving a quotation for an ice rink or you would like to just find out more information regarding what building an ice rink requires, just send us an e-mail.

Thank you,

Your Ice Business Team

before and after_Eilat before and after cotroceni before and after modhesh

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